CONFERENCE PROGRAM Hydrophobe VII (11-12 September, 2014)

September 11
08.30-09.30 REGISTRATION (LNEC Congress Center)
  09.30-10.00 Opening session and welcome to participants
10.00-10.30   Key-note lecture
“Characteristics of the Surface near Water Repellent Layer”
Prof. Folker Wittmann
10.30-10.45   Silicon hydrides as water repellents, a lower VOC alternative to alkoxysilanes and alkoxy functional polysiloxanes
Andreas Stammer
  10.45-11.00   Evaluation of the durability of hydrophobic treatments on concrete architectural heritage
Luc Courard et al.
  11.00-11.10 Discussion
11.10-11.40 Coffee break
  11.40-11.55   Chloride Penetration into Integral Water Repellent Concrete Produced with Linseed Oil
Penggang Wang et al.
  11.55-12.10   Non-ionic silane emulsion as integral water repellent – impact on cement hydration process
Nenad Milenković et al.
  12.10-12.25   Integral water repellent based materials: impact of aging on cement microstructure and performances
Valérie Spaeth et al.
  12.25-12.40   Hydrophobic shotcrete a method to waterproof tunnels
Anders Selander et al.
12.40-13.00 Discussion
13.00-14.30 LUNCH AT LNEC
14.30-14.45   Improving durability of SHCC under imposed strain by water repellent treatment
Zhang Peng et al.
14.45-15.00   Influences on the hydrophobicity of concrete surfaces treated with alkyl trialkoxysilanes
U. Antons et al.
15.00-15.15   Concrete durability improvement in the presence of chlorides using silane based hydrophobic impregnating agents
Michel Donadio et al.
15.15-15.30   Concrete durability improvement in presence of sulphates using a silane based hydrophobic impregnating agents
Michel Donadio et al.
15.30-15.45   Comparison of three methods to determine the active content of aqueous silane or siloxane based hydrophobic impregnation agents
Michel Donadio and Beat Marazzani
15.45-16.00 Discussion
16.00-16.30 Coffee break
16.30-16.45 Renders with enhanced hydrophobic properties
Maria Stefanidou et al.
16.45-17.00 Artificial weathering of water-repellent mortars suitable for restoration applications
Laura Falchi et al.
17.00-17.10 Discussion
  17.10-18.00   Brokerage session – only if there are requests: parties interested in sourcing research partners, or present a problem and ask for advice, or whatever related with the subject of the conference except promotions with commercial purposes, are invited to apply to the chairs of the organizing committee, until September 10 at 13.00h, for a 5 to 10 minute slot to address the room during this session
September 12
  10.00-10.30 Key-note Lecture
“Hydrophobization effect on wetting, drying and salt crystallization in porous materials”
Prof. Noushine Shahidzadeh
10.30-10.45   The water repellent treatment of building materials in thermal baths
János Major
10.45-11.00   Adapting hydrophobizing impregnation agents to the object
Jens Engel et al.
  11.00-11.15 Discussion
11.15-11.45 Coffee break
  11.45-12.00   Effectiveness and stability over time of water repellent treatments in carbonate and granitic stones
Ana Pinto and J. Delgado Rodrigues
  12.00-12.15   Hygric behavior of Portland sandstone as a function of the applied water repellent formulation
Yun Liu and A.E.Charola
  12.15-12.30   Effectiveness of a novel surfactant-synthesized hydrophobic nanomaterial: laboratory and in situ results
Farid Elhaddad and Maria Mosquera
  12.30-12.45   Testing new water repellent solutions to protect deteriorated granite
Doria Costa and J. Delgado Rodrigues
12.45-13.00 Discussion
13.00-14.30 LUNCH AT LNEC
14.30-14.45   Reversible fluorinated PLA/SiO2 nanocomposites as hydrophobic coatings for stone
Luís Pinho et al.
14.45-15.00   Producing superhydrophobic coatings for roof tiles
Luis A.M. Carrascosa et al.
15.00-15.15   Innovative nano-TiO2 particles for the preparation of self-cleaning treatments of historic architecture and sculptures
Francesca Gherardi et al.
15.15-15.30   Performance assessment of hydrophobic treatments on different substrates
Carlos Esteves et al.
15.30-15.45 Discussion
15.45-16.15 Coffee break
16.15-16.30 Anti-graffiti products for porous surfaces. An overview
Ana Rita Moura et al.
16.30-16.45 Life cycle cost analysis on impregnated bridge edge beams
Otto During and Katarina Malaga
16.45-16.55 Discussion
16.55-17.25 Glance over Hydrophobe VII and closing remarks
(Dr. A. Elena Charola)
  17.25-17.30 Farewell to participants and closing