HYDROPHOBE VII – List of abstracts

   Autores    Title

 Yun Liu & A.Elena Charola

 Portland sandstone hygric behavior as a function of the water repellent formulation

 Andreas Stammer

 Silicon hydrides as water repellents, a lower volatile organic content (VOC) alternative to alkoxysilanes and alkoxy functional polysiloxanes.

 Michel Donadio & Beat Marazanni

 Comparison of different methods for determining the active content of aqueous silane or siloxane based hydrophobic impregnating agents

 C. Fernandez Acevedo & L.G.Martinez de Antoñana

 New nanoparticle-based hydrophobic products for application on porous substrates in historical heritage and civil construction.

 Michel Donadio, Heinz Schuerch, Beat Marazzani

 Concrete durability improvement in presence of chlorides using silane based hydrophobic impregnating agents

 Michel Donadio, Heinz Schuerch, Beat Marazzani

 Concrete durability improvement in presence of sulphate using a silane based hydrophobic impregnating agent

 Maria Stefanidou, K. Matziari, G.Karagiannis

 Hydrophobic renders

 Jens Engel, Philipp Heinze, Rudolph Plagge

 Adapted hydrophobic impregnation in context with internal insulation

 F. Gherardi, A. Colombo, S. Goidanich, R.Simonutti, L.Toniolo

 Innovative nano ‐TiO2 particles for the preparation of self ‐ cleaning treatments of historic architecture and sculptures

 János Major

 The water repellent treatment of building materials in thermal bathes

 Elsa Neto, Ana Souto, Aires Camões, A. Begonha, P. Cachim

 Effects of anti-graffiti protection on concrete durability

 V.Spaeth, J-P Lecomte, M-P Delplancke

 Integral water repellent based on silane and siloxane: impact of ageing on cement microstructure.

 L. Pinho, A. Pedna, P. Frediani, Maria de Jesus Mosquera

 Reversible PLA/SiO2 nanocomposites as hydrophobic coatings for stone

 N. Milenkovića, J-P Lecomteb, M-P Delplanckea, C. Pierrec

 Non-ionic silane emulsion as integral water repellent – impact on cement hydration process

 Laura Falchi, Urs Müller, Patrick Fontana, Eleonora Balliana, Francesca Izzo, Elisabetta Zendri

 Artificial weathering of water-repellent mortars suitable for restoration applications

 Luis A.M. Carrascosa, Dario S. Facio, Maria J. Mosquera

 Producing superhydrophobic coatings on roof tiles

 Dario S. Facio, F. Javier Botana, M. Botana-Galvin, M.J. Mosquera

 Superhydrophobic stone surfaces by combining laser texturization and low surface energy coatings

 A. Rita Moura, I. Flores-Colen, Jorge de Brito

 Anti-graffiti products for porous surfaces. A literature review

 F. Elhaddad & M.J. Mosquera

 Effectiveness of a novel surfactant-synthesized hydrophobic nanomaterial: laboratory and in situ results

 C. Esteves, I. Flores ‐ Colen, Maria do Rosário Veiga

 Durability of hydrophobic treatment of stone, mortar and external thermal insulation composite system

 U. Antons, O. Weichold, M. Raupach

 Influences on the hydrophobicity of concrete surfaces treated with alkyl trialkoxysilanes

 Otto During and Katarina Malaga

 Impregnation of bridge edge beams: life cycle cost analysis, maintenance vs. exchange.

 Anders Selander, Jan Trägårdh, Katarina Malaga

 Decreasing humidity with water repellents to stop severe alkali-silica reactions (ASR)

 Anders Selander, Nils Davant, Katarina Malaga

 Hydrophobic shotcrete – a method to make tunnels water proof

 A. P. Ferreira Pinto & J. Delgado Rodrigues

 Assessment of immediate and delayed effectiveness of the water repellence effect. Application to carbonate and granitic materials.

 Dória Costa & J. D. Rodrigues

 Testing new water repellent solutions to protect decayed granitic surfaces

 Dória Costa

 Testing anti-graffiti solutions for stone walls of modern buildings

 Luc Courard, O. Gérard, F. Michel, Vincent Lucquiaud, M. Handy, S. Aggoun, Annelise Cousture

 Durability of hydrophobic treatments on concrete monuments

 Zhang Peng, Wang Penggang, Folker Wittmann

 Water repellent surface treatment of SHCC to improve durability and service life

 Zhang Peng, Wang Penggang, Folker Wittmann

 Observation of the water repellent layer after surface impregnation

 Wang Penggang & Folker Wittmann

 Application of natural products to obtain water repellent concrete

 Jessica Musacchi & Teresa Diaz Gonçalves

 Effects of a hydrophobic treatment on the drying and salt-induced alteration kinetics of Ançã limestone: non-destructive monitoring by optical profilometry.